Home Buyer’s Toolkit

The links below open PDF files, which can be read online, downloaded, or printed. Some of them are forms intended to be filled out by users. These can be downloaded and filled out using a PDF reader, or they can be printed and filled out with pen or pencil.

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Roadmap to Homeownership


Check Your Credit

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Check Your Credit at Least Once a Year

Credit Report Review Checklist

Dispute Credit Report Errors

How To Rebuild Your Credit

Understand Your Credit Report

Understand Your Credit Score


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Spending Tracker

Affordability Worksheet`

Buy vs. Rent

Loan Application Process

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Looking For A Lender Checklist

What Is MI and How Does It Work?

Prequalification Letter vs. Preapproval Letter

Home Loan Documents

Home Loan Toolkit

Shopping For a Home

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Finding A Real Estate Agent

Shopping For A Home

Getting A Home Inspection


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Closing On A Loan

Closing Checklist

Homebuyer Education

Fannie Mae HomeView

Framework Online Course

Fannie Mae Guide to Homeownership

(Links to pages built and maintained by Fannie Mae)

Online Calculators

Fannie Mae Financial Calculators Page

Savings Calculator

Affordability Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

(Links to pages built and maintained by Fannie Mae)